Ann Arbor, MI
Senior UX Engineer
Philadelphia, PA
Programmer/Analyst/Research Coordinator/The Kitchen Sink
  • Work with primary investigators to assess any software needs for current or future studies.
  • Write web applications, command line scripts, and API’s that allow data to be collected and shared between different applications for further studies or analysis.
  • Participate in the experimental design of studies and coordination of participants.
  • Keep abreast of new technologies and standards that will benefit the research goals of the lab, with a primary focus on  open-source technology.
Ann Arbor, MI
Graduate Student Instructor
  • GSI for COMM 102—Media Processes and Effects.
  • Discussion sections teach undergraduate students the basics of quantitative media effects research, such as graphs, data sets, and terms.
Ann Arbor, MI
Graduate Student Instructor
  • GSI for SI 501—Contextual Inquiry and Project Management.
  • Graduate students learned teamwork, interviewing, project planning, and contextual inquiry skills in the context of a semester-long project with an outside organization.
Lincoln, NE
Research Associate
  • Normalized the MySQL database to 3NF and debugged the PHP code for the “Railroads and the Making of Modern America” project.
  • Digitized and created Dublin Core metadata for glass negatives and images related to the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898.
  • Reported on the state of 3D technology to guide future decisions about its inclusion in projects.
Detroit, MI
Legislative Intern
  • Worked with the Legislative Director to develop proactive policy for data breaches in Michigan.
  • Researched current laws in the US, and abroad, as well as professional literature and best practices to build a conceptual framework for developing proactive data breach policy.
Washington, D.C.
Photography Intern
  • Assisted Senior Science Photographer on studio photography shoots.
  • Created a workflow for archiving a large set of digital images into the Smithsonian digital asset management system.
Ann Arbor, MI
Software Development Engineer Professional
Ann Arbor, MI
Project Manager
  • Used contextual inquiry and project management models to address the issue of reporting progress and statistics to funding bodies and the executive board.
  • Conducted interviews of staff members, performed on-site visits, and researched into best practices for reporting on confidential data.
  • Offered 3 affordable and comprehensive recommendations that ranged from technical solutions to more holistic, relationship-focused solutions.
Chico, CA
Web Operations Manager
  • Managed all aspects of an e-commerce business, including contract negotiations, marketing, budgeting, staffing, and customer support.
  • Maintained website served from a LAMP stack.
Portland, OR
Digital Print Technician
  • Increased usage by 600% during my first year in the position.
  • Researched and drafted appropriate use policies to include all programs and departments.
  • Designed training programs, presented in-class demos, and created printed manuals regarding fine art digital printing, digital color management, and digital asset management.
  • Worked with Information Technology department to research, design and implement a new print server and printing environment, which I managed after implementation.
Putney, VT
  • Designed and taught the curriculum for a Travel Digital Photography class and a Painting/Drawing class geared towards high school students with various levels of experience.
  • Planned and chaperoned day trips in three foreign countries.
  • Rotated night duty in student dorms with the other teachers in the program.
Oakland, CA
Computer Lab Monitor
  • Trained students, staff, and faculty on software and hardware related to digital fine arts.
  • Updated software and hardware as needed on computers in the studio and the labs.
  • Reported to the Academic Technologies Department on usage, costs, and other various metrics.

Python, Java (Eclipse), PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, R

Operating Systems

Mac OSX, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu)

Other Applications

Git (CLI), Adobe CS, Microsoft Office & OpenOffice, GraphViz, Gimp, R, Handbrake, Facebook API, YouTube API, Twitter API, WordPress, Drupal, Archon, Archivists Toolkit, SPSS


MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite

Web Platforms

Django, Apache, Passenger, Foundation, Bootstrap, Bottle, Beaker, Cork

Markup Technologies